John Victor

John Victor

I am a Nigerian that is passionate about making the Nation better through the introduction of technology in our daily lives.

In April 2019, I created an innovative blog,, with the aim of bringing Nigerians closer to technology by providing latest news on technology and education.

I also seek to enhance the standard of living for Nigerians by resonating them with trends and opportunities that may arise from technology and education. Hence, such topics as Artificial intelligence (AI), Data science, and E-learning are covered.

Visiting Geeky Nigeria's website, you will observe that images are excluded from the homepage. This was my idea to ensure the homepage loads as fast as possible. Reason being that heavy images slow down the homepage and cause the headlines not to be conspicuous.

In Addition, I included the Night mode feature, beside the header logo so as to enable users visiting at night to conveniently toggle between daytime and nighttime. There is also a reading progress bar that progresses as you scroll down an article. It allows you to monitor the length of articles.

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