Obaniyi Jason Olamide

Obaniyi Jason Olamide

Obaniyi Jason Olamide is the CEO of Rex Laundry Services, a laundry option available within and outside the University of Jos campus, Jos Plateau State. The business empowers students on self-sponsorship with side-income. He is a Doctor-in-training. Jason is a Content writer and Blogger with Geeky Nigeria and the office of the Special Adviser to Kogi State Governor on Culture and Tourism and has a keen interest in Anti-corruption Advocacy. He is the first son of his parents with 5 siblings.

He is a seasoned and experienced leadership enthusiast who has served in Religious and Secular spaces as a central executive member.

He loves research and enjoys passing knowledge unto others. In his spare time, he plays video games, especially cascade and adventures, and watches interesting Hollywood and Bollywood pieces with fictitious and epic contents.

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