NewsTick Ultra Plugin

NewsTick Ultra is a stylish and beautifully designed news ticker plugin that brings the freedom of customisation at your fingertips!

With NewsTick Ultra, you can conveniently set a category for posts to display on the bar or use an alternative content instead. The shortcode, [newstick - ultra] can easily be recalled on any post or page, which brings or alternative content even more closer to your readers.

Major features in NewsTick Ultra include:

  • Easily accessible shortcode.
  • Colour Customisation
  • Display custom content
  • Select number of posts to display.
  • Low on memory usage


The plugin was designed for wordpress users only. So if you don’t use wordpress as your Content Management System (CMS), You can send a mail to have it developed for your CMS.

If you use wordpress, login to your admin panel, visit Plugins > Add New, enter the plugin name “Newstick Ultra” in the text field. Find the plugin on the page that displays, then install and activate.


After activation, check the admin menu, You should see “NewsTick Ultra”, at the bottom. If not, an issue arose (send a mail) . On the NewsTick ultra page, Select the category from which you want a maximum of 5 posts to show. However, posts will not show if you have entered an alternative content.

The alternative content displays text instead of posts. For example “Welcome to my website”. If you want posts to show instead, leave empty.

The styles section allows you change colours and background-colours of the ticker.

Bar width – The length of the bar (numerical value, up to 100).

Title colour – The color of the title (popup gives you array of colours to pick from or customise).

Title background colour – The background color of the title.

News colour – The colour of the posts displaying.

Background colour – The background colour of the news section.

Alternative text colour – The colour of the alternative text displayed instead of posts.

After specifying these values, save your settings for them to reflect on the ticker.


NewsTick Ultra is available for free. You can support further development and encourage more great ones by donating.

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